Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Good Day

The weather has finally begun to really change here and, truthfully, I'm delighted. It's been in the 60's and sunny during the day. There's been a light breeze and it's given us the kind of weather that makes me want to sit outside on the deck and close my eyes and be a sun sponge. Of course that can't possibly last very long, since my periodic dozing is punctuated by a wet nose poking me here and there. Oh well, them's the breaks when you're a doggy mommy.

The dogs are loving the weather. They're dozing on the tops of their houses and are indescribably lazy. I love it! They look so happy. And File' has gotten to be HUGE...I'll have to post pictures of her again soon. She's tethered now (a matter of necessity since Zinger is in heat and had to be put in the heat pen where File' was living at the time.) She's adjusted like a champ.

After vacation, I stubbornly pulled out my summer clothes as soon as I got back from Tennessee. It was just too difficult to go back to wearing long sleeved shirts and closed toe shoes after I'd been exposed to the luxury of short sleeves, capris and flip-flops. I got some strange looks and more than my fair share of comments from folks at work about looking "summery" and "do you think it's warm out or something?" but I persisted and finally I'm able to smile and enjoy my cute clothes in comfort.

I pulled out one of those outfits this morning -- a black ribbed knit cap-sleeve shirt and some funky flare leg khaki slacks along with some platform wedge black sandals. Delectably feminine and sophisticated. The pants are hanging off of me (hm, lost more weight?) and my hair looks picture perfect. It's sunny out, and my current favorite song (Trying to Stop your Leaving) by Dierks Bentley is on Sirius right now. I can't help but smile.

Yes, it's going to be a good day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Kids



Here at Lagniappe Kennel we have finally made the long-awaited addition of two lovely and well-bred dogs from Dan Huttunen of Knik.  Zak (4 y.o. male) and Zinger (4 y.o. female) are littermates and are half-siblings of Clover.  Kip is their father (as he is Clover's) and Megan is their mother.  Megan is a littermate to Inga, Clover's mother, so I guess these dogs are more like "kissing cousins" than half-siblings. :)  

We picked Zak and Zinger up yesterday after a very nice visit with Dan and his wife, Alice.  It was a beautiful day and the new kids settled right in when they arrived home.  Matt spent the rest of the day making new dog houses (I will take a picture when all of them are done!  They are beautiful!)  I spent the rest of the day cleaning up around the kennel and spoiling everyone by giving each and every dog a thorough brushing.  Everyone is shedding and the loose hair is rampant.  Out of the corner of your eye, you might think that the huge clumps of hair are monsters?

As you can see in the photos, all of the snow is melted.  We spent quite a bit of time on Saturday cleaning up the yard, raking up old straw and cleaning out dog houses and putting in new tether spots on the upper level near the garage.  If you're observant you'll notice that Zak and Zinger have taken Zed and Calvin's spots and that Calvin and Clover have moved back in the yard.  Zed and Indi have moved to the upper level where they are enjoying their brand new, freshly painted dog houses.  The yard is expanding!!!

I'm so glad to be back home with my kids :)  Now just one more dog to add (Skiff from Jon Little) and we will be set with a nice 8-dog team for the fall.  Plus Indi, if he feels like give 9 dogs.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back from Vacation

Well I made it to and from Tennessee relatively unscathed (if you don't count the mental anguish of long flights!)  I had such a good time that I can't even begin to recount it.  I'm savoring the memories, turning them over in my mind, and I'm not quite ready to share them yet.  My thoughts are filled with the vivid greens of forest with dappled patches of sun, and I can still feel a cool Tennessee breeze on my bare skin.  I am a little sad to be gone but am glad to be back home and reunited with my four-legged family.  I think that they missed me.

I will fill you in as soon as I am able to upload some photos and am ready to turn loose of my vacation frame of mind :)

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