Monday, February 4, 2008

Computer Issues

Ah, what a lovely weekend I just had! It seems a shame to be back at work slaving away when I could be at home enjoying the company of my four-legged companions. I suppose I have to earn a living somehow, right?

On Friday I received my long-anticipated Olympus Camera (Stylus 790SW which claims to be freeze-proof, drop-proof and water-proof to a depth of 10 ft.) I promptly made excuses to use the camera to take pictures of everything from dogs to...well, dogs. :) It wasn't hard to find a subject, as I'm sure you can imagine. I took pictures of Calvin, pictures of Indi, pictures of anyone who would stand still long enough for me to get a snapshot. I used the opportunity to fiddle with the various settings on the camera and try to experiment with what yields the best results in various conditions.

Some of those pictures will be posted just as soon as I can get the computer to cooperate!!

Also, on the puppy front, the pups are...hmm, how shall I say this...pooping? Yes, pooping is a good word. They seem to be pooping on their own now. Not something you'd necessarily consider a landmark event, but something that can be quite startling when you aren't expecting it and when it ends up on your sweater. Don't laugh...Bonnie gets mad at you when you do that. Believe me, I know :)

Until later - when I get the computer fixed so I can upload the pictures!


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