Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome Bowie! And Indi looking for a Pet Home

Please welcome our newest (and hopefully last, for a while) addition to Lagniappe Kennel -- Bowie! Bowie is from the kennel of Jon and Bree Little of Kasilof, Alaska. She is out of Jon's "Adidas" (see below) and Jeff King's "Tater". I don't know too much about Tater except that he was highly regarded by Jeff's handlers. Adidas was one of the dogs that Jeff leased from Jon for the 2008 Iditarod -- in fact, she ran the race 1 month pregnant (ladies, that would be like you being 5 months pregnant!)

Here is a little info on Adidas:

(from Jon's website

Adidas-- Leader
Iditarod finisher
Age: 4

She's a big female, and the first pup I chose in a litter split with Dean Osmar, partly because of her intensity, partly for her size and partly because those sad-looking eyes remind me of her mother, Kazan. She's been described by another musher as having "a head full of rocks" but she isn't stupid, just head strong. If that toughness can be harnessed, she may prove valuable.

Hopefully Bowie will prove to be similar to her very valuable momma! She is already showing great promise. We put her in team for the first time at the tail end of a run (2 miles left) last night and she took to running like a fish to water. She looked like a little rabbit running down the trail alongside Balu. She's got a little something special about her -- you can tell. Look for great things from this little gal!

In other news, our own Indigo ("Indi") is looking for a new home -- someplace that will spoil him silly and treat him like the wonderful pet that he is. Indi has decided that he would rather lounge around than run (which is fine with me, I certainly won't make him run) so we're looking for a great family for him to spend time with. He's 4 years old, up to date on shots, loves to give kisses, knows how to sit and usually comes when called. He's a real lover. He might like to skijor at a back country pace. He definitely would love to be a walking buddy. If you are interested in Indi, please email me at and put "Indi" in the subject line. Indi has flown in an airplane before, so he should be fine to be shipped. An application, small adoption fee, and references will be required.


Megan said...

Hey!! That's so weird you found my blog! haha! What a great way to keep in touch! I write about Blaze often and now I will write about both Indi and Blaze so you can see what's goin' on with us!

I LOVE Indi! Such a sweetheart. We took him on a walk this morning with Blaze and he rubbed his belly on the bottom of the freezing cold creek! So funny. Adam took him and Blaze on a camping trip tonight, i didn't get to go unfortunately but I heard from them not too long ago and they're having a blast!

Indi has been great for Blaze too. I think they stayed up all night just running around in circles, funny boys! I'm so glad he decided not to run with the dog sled team anymore because we are enjoying him!

I will give him a big hug, kiss, and scratch on the belly for you when they get back from their "boys only" camping trip!

Hope your trip is going well too!


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