Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fila, Drunk Uncle, and File'

The insanity here continues. As I look outside at this particular minute, snow is falling like crazy and doesn't show and signs of letting up. I'm not sure how many inches we've accumulated so far, but it sure has made the dog trails nice to run! I weaseled my way into yet another run with Bryan and the Steer/Bundtzen dogs yesterday and had a blast! It's always fun to go out with company and with great dogs.

This afternoon I snapped a quick shot that I had been wanting to grab for a while -- my Fila and File'. Dixie (AKA The Drunk Uncle for the exact reason that she is in this shot -- she ends up in the background of every shot whether she's wanted or not) happened to be in this photo, too. Go figure.

The quality is not too good, but I think it's cute nonetheless!

Yes, there is a hole in the blanket on the couch. That's what happens when you have put blankets on things so they get destroyed and the things don't. :)


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