Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So Stoked

Well, the plans have been laid and we'll see what pans out. I am very, very excited to say that I will be going to Tennessee at the beginning of May!!! Not only do I get to visit my GORGEOUS sister-in-law at her newest locale, but I also get to spend some time with one of my best friends ever, Katrina. Matt is flying south for a training class in Orlando, but we'll be flying into Johnson City, TN first to spend a little time with Rachel. Matt will head out for his class and I'll stick around for a day or so, then head west to Nashvegas. Later in the week we'll meet up again near Kingsport and spend a little more time together. I'm sure we'll hike, bike, and do karaoke at the local hotspot (haha!)

Oh. My. Gosh. I am so excited!!!! This is my first time back to Nashville (my old stomping grounds) since the summer of 2006. Going to Katrina's is like going to summer camp, only better. It's like summer camp for adults!!! We can stay up late, watch movies, drink cocktails, sleep in, ride horses all day long, go to the river and wade and play with dogs, cook breakfast with freshly-laid eggs from her laying hens, make organic coffee with CHICORY (boy do I miss that), rough-house with her two boys, and get some manual labor in here and there, just for good measure and to be helpful. Do I even need to say that I love it in Eagleville??? There are so many new dogs that I have yet to meet, horses that I have to ride, and I need to get cozy in MY bed in MY room again.

I can't wait!


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