Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ah, it's June

My apologies for not posting much in May. To be perfectly honest, I've been totally consumed with summertime activities. Granted, the weather here hasn't exactly been cooperative, but I'm trying to get out and do things anyway. I've taken lots of long (i.e. long for me on a mountain bike with knobby tires - 15+ miles) bike rides, have walked some on the trails, and am generally happy that summer is sorta, kinda here. It's been unseasonably cool, actually, with highs only in the 50's lately, and with overcast skies. I wish we would have some nice, sunny weather so I could enjoy some warmth of the sort that I had in Tennessee. Oh well, Alaska weather is nothing if not unpredictable. :)

On the doggy end of things, we are expecting our final addition to the kennel on Thursday. Skiff, a (now spayed) female from Jon and Bree Little, will be making her home with us. She's two years old and has excellent, old bloodlines. I can't wait to see what this girl can do. By all of Jon's reports, she is a very sweet, personable dog, and it sounds like she'll fit right in with my fur-kids.

Zinger will be going to the SPCA on Friday to be spayed. Unfortunately I wasn't able to schedule her spay before she actually came into heat. She's been living in the heat pen (something I don't like) for the last three weeks, so she should be on the tail end of her heat cycle. Poor girl. I don't know if she's ever had a bath, or ever even been indoors, but she can expect to have her first bath tonight (Clover did well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) and she can expect to live in the house for the next week or so. This could be a real challenge. File' will be spayed two weeks from Friday. That will take care of all of my females. I'll only have Zed and Zack still intact...both bloodlines available if need be, but without the worry of an intact female.

I'll try to snag some photos of the bath and of Skiff. Until then - toodles! And send some sun our way, will ya?


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