Monday, June 23, 2008

Holy Crap That's a Lot of Dogs!

This weather has been absolutely disgusting. It's been rainy and overcast, cold (40's and 50's) and generally miserable. It's a good thing we finally got the yard finished for the sled dogs and we put loads of pine shavings into everyone's houses yesterday. They are quite grateful and even Zak, who I had never seen in his house before, has been snoozing in the lush padding of the wood chips.
At one point last evening, I looked outside from the living room and I was startled by the picture I glimpsed through the window -- "holy crap that's a lot of dogs!" Yes I know, maybe I was slow to come to this realization, but it just hit me. My yard is full. FULL! There are dog posts and houses in every available bit of space. Um. How did this happen? Never doubt the power of the mushing bug. Last year at this time, I had a green expanse of yard just outside the window. Now it's mud and...dogs!
In other news, Matt recently went fishing in Homer for salmon and halibut. The trip wasn't especially fruitful, but he didn't come home empty-handed. I drove him down to Turnagain Pass on Tuesday and met some friends there. We snapped a few photos. And, of course, I had to post the obligatory fishing photo. The fish were THIS big!!!

Say Cheese! Turnagain Pass

The Deadliest Catch. Just kidding.


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