Thursday, March 6, 2008

File' and Tasso Visit

Bonnie and Jim are still stuck in Rainy Pass, where they have been since Monday morning.  The weather has not been good enough for pilots to fly out, so there they sit.  This means that I can do whatever I want with the puppies!!  MUHAHAHAHA.

Last night Matt and I brought File' and Tasso over to our house for some socialization and exposure to a new environment.  They very carefully met all of the house dogs (everyone but Cass was more or less indifferent to them) and they got to walk on the linoleum and the bamboo floors.  Good stuff for puppies at this age.  File' was pretty bold and exploratory.  Tasso was content to sleep in Matt's lap for most of the night, but she did try to play with Dollar (the cattle dog) later on.  Cute cute! Tonight we will probably bring Boudreaux and Gumbo over, if the Fosters aren't back yet.

What are you?

Dixie snuffles the pups

Guy says "are those like dogs, only smaller?"

Tasso snoozes in the kitchen.  Look, she matches the floor!

File' is her usual acrobatic self


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