Sunday, March 2, 2008

Well, it's been a whirlwind weekend and so much has gone on -- I am absolutely exhausted!  So, no narrative tonight, just pictures from the last few days.  I will post some details about this wonderful weekend tomorrow.  It's been a blast.  Enjoy!

Sebastian's Tang lounges on a pillow at Bonnie's open house

Pat spoils Boudreaux with snuggles

Me with Callie (left) and Skunk (right), both Sebastian's dogs

Sebastian packs his sled while Bonnie helps (at the restart)

Andreas Moser smiles for the camera

Bryan gives Cub, one of Zack's dogs (Zed's pup) some love

Frodo (left), Jewels (center) and Basil (right) wait to be bootied

Mocha (left) and Rosemary (right) give big grins

Rookie Mike Suprenant from Chugiak leaves Willow Lake


John Elder said...

I tried to reach you guys via Skype at Bonnie's Open House - but the computer was 'offline'... Glad you have this blog so that I can keep up to date!

John (Bonnie's brother)

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