Saturday, January 19, 2008

Four Healthy Puppies

After a long and exhausting day, I am happy to report that DeeDee was carrying four healthy puppies.  I do not say that she "delivered" them because she actually had a C-section.  After several hours of nonproductive labor this morning we took DeeDee to the vet to be checked out.  Dr. Brown determined that Dee had a vaginal tumor that was blocking the birth canal and would not allow the puppies to pass although Dee was trying her best to deliver them vaginally.  After a short bit of thought, Jim and Bonnie elected to do a C-section / Spay on DeeDee.

Jim and I had the puppies still in their amniotic sacs placed into our hands at which point we tore the sack open and removed the puppy from the sack, vigorously rubbing the puppy to stimulate respiration and awareness.  All of the puppies got "slung" to clear their airways and two of them actually had "mouth to nose" respiration until they began breathing steadily on their own.

Many hours later now, Dee is back home and our four little ones are nursing happily.  We have two males and two females.  This litter does, indeed, have a Cajun theme.  The largest (whopper!) male is named Boudreaux.  He is black with a brown undercoat.  The other male is named Gumbo, and he is white with black spots.  The black female is named File and the white female with a few black spots is named Tasso.  Not a single one of them looks like Zed!!  Unbelievable but true! DeeDee is going to be a wonderful mother and although she had surgery today, she is already taking great care of her little ones.

No pictures today in order to keep from disturbing her much.  Tomorrow we will get pictures of each little pup and I will post them!  For now, I am off to take care of my own "kids."


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie

Great blog & pix! Now I can keep up with all that's going on in the mushing world... All the best to you and Matt from NYC!

John aka "Bonnie's brother"

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