Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on Zed x DeeDee Puppies

Bonnie had DeeDee radiographed yesterday at her prenatal visit.  She does, indeed have four puppies!  I think it's the perfect number to have in a litter -- just enough and yet not too many to be easily managed.  Supposedly the theme for the litter will be "Cajun" which goes wonderfully with Lagniappe Kennel's name.  :)  Expect to have some little ones named "Gumbo", "Tasso", "Boudain" and "Pirogue" or the like.  Of course, I will post updates to the blog the minute that DeeDee begins labor.  She is expected to whelp next Tuesday but Bonnie is supposed to begin taking her temperature on Friday in case she decides to deliver early.  Her temp should drop to around 99 by delivery time.
I can't wait!


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