Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Knik Results

Well, I never have gotten those photos from Bonnie so I have nothing new to upload. :( I do have a bit more detailed description of the start and the race finish day, for those who are interested.

Lexi, Bonnie and I arrived at Knik Bar at about 9:30 on Saturday morning. Most of the mushers' trucks were already parked on the lake, so we simply had to locate where Eric's truck was parked. He had drawn bib #4 so we knew he'd be 4th to the start line. Once we parked and got situated, it was time to get down to business. We brothed all of the dogs with baited water and then gave out meat snacks (lamb) to everyone. After waiting a few minutes for things to digest and the dogs to settle down and get comfortable, I started harnessing dogs while Eric continued to get his sled packed and ready to go.

During the waiting/settling period, I had the chance to meet one of Zed's old owners, Dr. Robert Buntzen. Robert was running two of Zed's grandkids in his team, Acci and Dent. They had much of Zed's "look" to them -- black and tan, mostly, with lots of his facial expressions. Interesting to watch, for sure. They made me smile. Zack (Steer) was also racing, and he drew bib #1 so I had very little time to talk to him. I didn't want to bother him while he was getting ready but I did get to say "hi".

When the time got near, Lexi and Bonnie bootied the dogs and we began hooking up the team. Eric's dogs all know me, so they are relatively easy to handle. We steered Eric to the chute and he was off across the lake, waving to the crowd before I knew it.

We did also help Mike Suprenant's team to the starting chute, which didn't go so smoothly. His dogs don't know me, they don't wear necklines, and they don't seem especially easy to handle in general, but that's a story for another day.

After we finished with those duties, Bonnie and I made the rounds to watch other racers depart. Gerri Willomitzer, Ryan Redington, Ken Anderson, a Seavey (don't know which one?), Ed Stielstra, Sabastian Schnuelle and Justin Savidis were all racers whom I recognized. It was interesting watching each one of them with their dogs and their approach to doing things. Everything from types of sleds to types of quick releases, dogs, and lines were different. Well, I suppose it's what makes the world go 'round!

That's all for now...the finish of the race was early on Sunday morning (about 10 AM) and I didn't make it out there for that. Sunday evening we did help get Eric's dogs put up and Eric packed up and I made it home around 9. Whew, sheer exhaustion.

As for me, I haven't made it out with my own dogs since last week. I am getting a case of the winter blahs, I think, much as i did last year. No motivation, constantly sleepy, and gaining poundage by the day, it seems. :) I'm looking forward to getting a little more sun sometime soon.

How about today? :)


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