Sunday, January 20, 2008

Puppy Pictures!

Here we have our first photos of the little ones! The puppy to the left is Tasso, a female. She is mostly white and has some black on her face and nowhere else on her body.

This is File', also a female. She is mostly black with white on the tip of her tail and on several other parts of her body. Such a nice, shiny black!!

This is Gumbo, a male. He is mostly white with black and a wee smidgen of brown near his face. He makes the cutest noises!

This is Boudreaux, the big boy! He is a black-brown color with white interspersed.

I will post more pictures as soon as they are available!


Katrina said...

Congratulations Leslie and Bonnie!! The pups are beautiful and I am sure they will live up to their potential. Don't forget, if you need more names you can always go to Marcel and Darnell Ledbetter! ha ha Seriously, I am proud of all that you have learned and accomplished in the past two years. You go girl! Sure do miss you here in the south and in the fila world!

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