Saturday, January 5, 2008

Handling for the Knik 200

Don't have much time, but wanted to post a video and some pictures of the Knik 200 race held in Knik today but the video won't load. The race started at 11 AM and Eric started shortly thereafter. Bonnie, Lexi and I handled both for Eric and for Mike Suprenant, another local racer.

It was about 5 degrees out when we first arrived at 9:30 and I think it warmed up to a grand total of 10 degrees F. Before we left, it had started to snow and the wind had kicked up a bit. There was low cloud cover so I'm sure it made for a fun and interesting run to Skwentna!

Eric should finish between 2 and 4 PM tomorrow so we'll be back out to pick him up . Tomorrow morning, Lexi and I are planning on visiting a sledmaker in the area to have Bonnie's sled repaired and also to visit and look at their Icelandic ponies. Ahh, I drool over the Icelandic ponies. What perfect horses for this area! Wish I could have one, but alas,a I think that my riding days are probably over.

We will be nabbing some more pictures tomorrow. In the meanwhile, Bonnie snapped this photo (top of post) of me and Mocha. She's a funny girl - a real cheerleader!


Pat said...

Hey Leslie! I see you smooching with "my" girl. What gives? HA!
Great picture!

I am enjoying reading about your adventures.

Pat - Mocha's sponsor in Ft. Worth, TX

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