Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year from Lagniappe Kennel!

Ah, God, this blogger is so much easier to use for posting. I love it!! :)

Today we celebrated New Year's Day by taking all FIVE puppies for a jaunt. Yes, I did actually take Clover even though she is in heat. She has been so hyper that she's driving me nuts. I put her in wheel with Indi and I put Balu and Zed in lead, so Calvin was in single in-between them. I did see Zed raise a doggy eyebrow when I hooked her into the team. "Wow, you brought the chick!" he said. From back in the wheel position I scowled at him and said "ZED, DON'T YOU DARE. LINE OUT!" He looked chastened and resumed his duties of holding the line out.

I decided to try to add a little mileage today, so we ran 12 miles. Honestly, I think the team would have done better with 10 but 12 certainly didn't hurt them. I saw Calvin and Indi stop pulling somewhere in the last mile, though, so I know they were tired. No worries though, everyone was happy when we came in and they all got a hamburger patty. The dog lot is nice and quiet tonight, though. :)

I got the chance to snap three pictures before I thought I might be in someone's way if I sat any longer. I thought I was the only person out that far, although there were tons of trucks in the parking lot. All of those people seemed to be using sleds and going on the 2 mile trail, though, so I was pretty relaxed until I got to the spot where I took these pictures and saw one team with an ATV coming off of Dee Lake and another one behind me going onto the lake. Yikes! Surrounded by dog teams! I put the camera away and hurried onward.

The first photo shows the typical dog pose when resting: either dipping snow or, like Clover, doing the "stop and flop", as I call it. The second photo is of the beautiful scenery that I could see from our rest point.

This evening, we had a lovely visit at Eric and Marti's house, complete with a delicious dinner and lots of dog talk. How can it get any better? If this is what the year is going to be like, bring on 2008!!

Happy New Year from Lagniappe Kennel!


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